WAI - Wait for Interrupt

Put the processor to sleep until a hardware interrupt occurs

WAI pulls the RDY pin low. Power consumption reduced to a minimum and RDY is kept low until an external hardware interrupt (NMI, IRQ, ABORT or RESET) is received.

When an interrupt is received

Interrupts enabled i=0

When a hardware interrupt is received, control is vectored though one of the hardware interrupt vectors. An RTI instruction in the invoked handler will return control back to the instruction immediately after the WAI.

Interrupts disabled i=1

If interrupts were disabled at the time WAI was invoked then when the interrupt is received then the relevant interrupt handler is not called and execution resumes immediately with the instruction after the WAI. This allows for processing to be synchronized with the interrupt.

The data bus

As WAI pulls RDY low it frees up the bus. If BE is also pulled low, the processor can be disconnected from the bus.

Flags Affected
SyntaxOpcode Available on: # of # of Addressing Mode
(hex) 6502 65C02 65816 bytes cycles
WAI CB x 1 31 Implied


  1. Uses 3 cycles to shut down the processor. Additional cycles required by interrupt to restart it

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