The conventions used in the documentation
An Any Address Register n (example: A3 is address register 3)
Dn Any Data Register n (example: D5 is data register 5)
Rn Any data or address registerData register D7–D0, used during compare.
PC Program counter
SR Status register
CCR Condition codes register (low order byte of SR)
SSP Supervisor stack pointer
USP User stack pointer
SP Active stack pointer (same as A7)
X Extend flag of the CCR
N Negative flag of the CCR
Z Zero flag of the CCR
V Overflow flag of the CCR
C Carry flag of the CCR
Immediate data Immediate data for the instruction
d Address displacement
Source Destination Source
contents Destination contents
Vector Location of exception vector
ea Any valid effective address
+ Arithmetic addition or postincrement indicator
Arithmetic subtraction or predecrement indicator
× Arithmetic multiplication
÷ Arithmetic division or conjunction symbol
~ Invert; operand is logically complemented.
Λ Logical AND
V Logical OR
Logical exclusive OR
Source operand is moved to destination operand.
←→ Two operands are exchanged.

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