Page 03

C64 Page 3 Vectors & Cassette Buffer
030012BASIC Indirect vector table
030C4Storage for registers with BASIC SYS call
1 byte each for A, X, Y & Status in that order
03103USRPOKJump instruction for BASIC USR() function
Actual JMP instruction so first byte MUST be 0x4C
03112USRADDAddress of USR() function
This is the address used by USR() when it calls USRPOK
03142CINVIRQ Interrupt Routine Vector0xEA31
03162CBNVBRK Interrupt Routine Vector0xFE66
03182NMINVNMI Interrupt Routine Vector0xFE47
031AKernal Indirect Vectors
031A2IOPENKernal OPEN Vector0xFE4A
031C2ICLOSEKernal close Vector0xF291
031e2ICHKINKernal CHKIN Vector0xF20E
03202ICKOUTKernal CKOUT Vector0xF250
03222ICLRCHKernal CLRCHN Vector0xF333
03242IBASINKernal CHRIN Vector0xF157
03262IBSOUTKernal CHROUT Vector0xF1CA
03282ISTOPKernal STOP Vector0xF6ED
032A2IGETINKernal GETIN Vector0xF13E
032C2ICLALLKernal CLALL Vector0xF32F
032E2USRCMDUser-Defined Command Vector
Unused on C64, holdover from the PET.
03302ILOADKernal LOAD Vector0xF49E
03322ISAVEKernal SAVE Vector0xF5DD
03348Unused, space for 4 user vectors
033C192TBUFFRCassette I/O Buffer