Read status word
Function AddressDescription
READST FFB7Read status word

This routine returns the current status of the I/O devices in the accumulator. The routine is usually called after new communication to an I/O device. The routine gives you information about device status, or errors that have occurred during the I/O operation.

The bits returned in the accumulator contain the following information:

Bit Cassette Read Serial Bus R/W Tape Verify/Load
0 write timeout
1 read timeout
2 short block short block
3 long block long block
4 unrecoverable read error any mismatch
5 checksum error checksum error
6 end of file EOI line
7 end of tape device not present end of tape
JSRREADSTCheck for end of file during read
AND#&40Check bit 6
BNEeofDetectedBranch on EOF