API by Address

API by Address
Function AddressVectorDescription
CLSR E544Clear the screen
CLRLN E9FFClear the line X
CINT FF81Initialise screen editor
IOINIT FF84Initialise I/O Devices
RAMTAS FF87Perform RAM test
RESTOR FF8ARestore default system & interrup vectors
VECTOR FF8DManage RAM Vectors
SETMSG FF90Control system message output
SECOND FF93Send secondary address for LISTEN
TKSA FF96Send secondary address to a device commanded to TALK
MEMTOP FF99Set top of memory
MEMBOT FF9CSet bottom of memory
SCNKEY FF9FScan the keyboard
SETTMO FFA2Set IEEE bus card timeout
ACPTR FFA5Get data from the serial bus
CIOUT FFA8Transmit a byte over the serial bus
UNTLK FFABSend an UNTALK command
LISTEN FFB1Command a device on serial bus to LISTEN
TALK FFB4Command a device on serial bus to TALK
READST FFB7Read status word
SETLFS FFBASetup a logical file
SETNAM FFBDSet file name
OPEN FFC0031AOpen a logical file
CLOSE FFC3031CClose a logical file
CHKIN FFC6031EOpen channel for input
CHKOUT FFC90320Open channel for output
CLRCHN FFCC0322Clear I/O channels
CHRIN FFCFGet a character from the input channel
CHROUT FFD20326Output a character
LOAD FFD50330Load memory from a device
SAVE FFD80332Save memory to a device
SETTIM FFDBSet system clock
RDTIM FFDERead system clock
STOP FFE10328Check if key/stop key is pressed
GETIN FFE4032AGet a character
CLALL FFE7032CClose all open files
UDTIM FFEAUpdate system clock
SCREEN FFEDReturn screen format
PLOT FFF0Set cursor location
IOBASE FFF3Define I/O memory page

Last modified January 23, 2022