API by Name

API by Name
Function AddressVectorDescription
ACPTR FFA5Get data from the serial bus
CHKIN FFC6031EOpen channel for input
CHKOUT FFC90320Open channel for output
CHRIN FFCFGet a character from the input channel
CHROUT FFD20326Output a character
CINT FF81Initialise screen editor
CIOUT FFA8Transmit a byte over the serial bus
CLALL FFE7032CClose all open files
CLOSE FFC3031CClose a logical file
CLRCHN FFCC0322Clear I/O channels
CLRLN E9FFClear the line X
CLSR E544Clear the screen
GETIN FFE4032AGet a character
IOBASE FFF3Define I/O memory page
IOINIT FF84Initialise I/O Devices
LISTEN FFB1Command a device on serial bus to LISTEN
LOAD FFD50330Load memory from a device
MEMBOT FF9CSet bottom of memory
MEMTOP FF99Set top of memory
OPEN FFC0031AOpen a logical file
PLOT FFF0Set cursor location
RAMTAS FF87Perform RAM test
RDTIM FFDERead system clock
READST FFB7Read status word
RESTOR FF8ARestore default system & interrup vectors
SAVE FFD80332Save memory to a device
SCNKEY FF9FScan the keyboard
SCREEN FFEDReturn screen format
SECOND FF93Send secondary address for LISTEN
SETLFS FFBASetup a logical file
SETMSG FF90Control system message output
SETNAM FFBDSet file name
SETTIM FFDBSet system clock
SETTMO FFA2Set IEEE bus card timeout
STOP FFE10328Check if key/stop key is pressed
TALK FFB4Command a device on serial bus to TALK
TKSA FF96Send secondary address to a device commanded to TALK
UDTIM FFEAUpdate system clock
UNTLK FFABSend an UNTALK command
VECTOR FF8DManage RAM Vectors

Last modified January 23, 2022