Get current cache/ramdisk location
Function AddressDescription
DOS_GET_1346 013CSet current cache/ramdisk location


Get the current location of the cache and RAMdisk.

Pages 1, 3, 4, 6 are considered as an array of 128 sector buffers (numbered 0...127), each of 512 bytes. The cache and RAMdisk occupy two separate (contiguous) areas of this array.

Any unused sector buffers may be used by the caller.

Note that the sizes may be smaller than those specified in DOS_SET_1346, as there is an (unpublished) maximum size of cache and a minimum size of RAMdisk (4 sectors).

Entry Parameters


Exit Parameters

D = First buffer of cache
E = Number of cache sector buffers
H = First buffer of RAM disk
L = Number of RAM disk sector buffers
AF BC IX corrupt, all other registers preserved.
Last modified November 24, 2021: DOS attributes, fix blb class (8c71b69)