Low level uPD765A write command
Function AddressDescription
DD_L_WRITE 0193Low level uPD765A write command


Low level uPD765A write command.

  • Write data.
  • Write deleted data.
  • Format a track.
  • Scan equal.
  • Scan low or Equal.
  • Writes commands.
  • Writes data.
  • Reads results.
  • Motor must be running.

Entry Parameters

Register Content
HL Address of parameter block

Exit Parameters

HL = Address of result buffer in page 7
AF BC DE IX corrupt, all other registers preserved.
Parameter Block Format
Bytes Length Content
001 Page for 0xC000…0xFFFF
122 Address of buffer
342 Number of bytes to transfer
551 Number of command bytes n
65+nn Command bytes
Last modified November 24, 2021: Low level operations (85f9e61)