Error Codes

The +3DOS Error Codes

When a call to a +3DOS API fails then the carry flag will be false and the Accumulator will contain the error code. The errors are in two categories, Recoverable (Green) and Non-recoverable (Red):

Code Error
00x00Drive not ready
10x01Disk is write protected
20x02Seek fail
30x03CRC data error
40x04No data
50x05Missing address mark
60x06Unrecognised disk format
70x07Unknown disk error
80x08Disk changed whilst +3DOS was using it
90x09Unsuitable media for drive
200x14Bad filename
210x15Bad parameter
220x16Drive not found
230x17File not found
240x18File already exists
250x19End of file
260x1ADisk full
270x1BDirectory full
280x1CRead-only file
290x1DFile number not open (or open with wrong access)
300x1EAccess denied (file is in use already)
310x1FCannot rename between drives
320x20Extent missing (which should be there)
330x21Uncached (software error)
340x22File too big (trying to read or write past 8 megabytes)
350x23Disk not bootable (boot sector is not acceptable to DOS BOOT)
360x24Drive in use (trying to re-map or remove a drive with files open)
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