API by Address

API by Address
Function AddressDescription
RST_0 0000Start the computer
RST_1 0008Report an error
RST_2 0010Print A to the output stream
RST_3 0018Collect character
RST_4 0020Collect Next character
RST_5 0028FP Calculator
RST_6 0030FP Calculator
RST_7 0038Maskable Interrupt Handler
DOS_INITIALISE 0100Initialise +3DOS
DOS_VERSION 0103Return DOS issue and version numbers
DOS_OPEN 0106Open and/or Create a file
DOS_CLOSE 0109Close a file
DOS_ABANDON 010CAbandon a file
DOS_REF_HEAD 010FPoint to header data for this file
DOS_READ 0112Read bytes from a file into memory
DOS_WRITE 0115Write bytes from memory into a file
DOS_READ_BYTE 0118Read byte from a file, check for soft-EOF
DOS_WRITE_BYTE 011BWrite byte to a file
DOS_CATALOG 011EGet the disk catalog
DOS_FREE_SPACE 0121Get free space on drive
DOS_DELETE 0124Delete a file
DOS_RENAME 0127Get free space on drive
DOS_BOOT 012ABoot from disk
DOS_SET_DRIVE 012DSet the default drive
DOS_SET_USER 0130Set the default user
DOS_GET_POSITION 0133Get the file pointer
DOS_SET_POSITION 0136Set the file pointer
DOS_GET_EOF 0139Get the end of file (EOF) position
DOS_GET_1346 013CSet current cache/ramdisk location
DOS_SET_1346 013FRebuild the sector cache and RAM disk
DOS_FLUSH 0142Write any pending data to this drive
DOS_SET_ACCESS 0145Change access mode of an open file
DOS_SET_ATTRIBUTES 0148Set a files attributes
DOS_OPEN_DRIVE 014BOpen drive as a single file
DOS_SET_MESSAGE 014EEnable/disable disk error messages
DOS_REF_XDPB 0151Point at XDPB for this drive
DOS_MAP_A 0154Map drive B to unit 0 or 1
DD_INTERFACE 0157Check for the disk drive interface
DD_INIT 015AInitialise the disk driver
DD_SETUP 015DSetup disk parameters
DD_SET_RETRY 0160Set try/retry count
DD_READ_SECTOR 0163Read a sector
DD_WRITE_SECTOR 0166Write a sector
DD_CHECK_SECTOR 0169Check a sector
DD_FORMAT 016CFormat a track
DD_READ_ID 016FRead a sector identifier
DD_TEST_UNSUITABLE 0172Check disk is suitable to write to
DD_LOGIN 0175Login a new disk
DD_SEL_FORMAT 0178Select a standard format
DD_ASK_1 017BCheck to see if unit 1 is present
DD_DRIVE_STATUS 017ECheck drive status
DD_EQUIPMENT 0181Ask what type of drive
DD_ENCODE 0184Set copy protection encode routine
DD_L_XDPB 0187Initialise XDPB for a given format
DD_L_DPB 018AInitialise DPB for a given format
DD_L_SEEK 018DSeek to required track
DD_L_READ 0190Low level uPD765A read command
DD_L_WRITE 0193Low level uPD765A write command
DD_L_ON_MOTOR 0196Turn on motor
DD_L_T_OFF_MOTOR 0199Start motor off timeout
DD_L_OFF_MOTOR 019CTurn off motor
CL_ALL 0DAFClear the screen
SWAP 5B00Paging subroutine
STOO 5B10Paging subroutine. Entered with interrupts disabled and AF, BC on the stack.
YOUNGER 5B21Paging subroutine
REGNUOY 5B2APaging subroutine
ONERR 5B3APaging subroutine
RAMRST 5B5DRST 8 instruction used by ROM 1 to report old errors to ROM 3

Last modified January 23, 2022