API by Name

API by Name
Function AddressDescription
CL_ALL 0DAFClear the screen
DD_ASK_1 017BCheck to see if unit 1 is present
DD_CHECK_SECTOR 0169Check a sector
DD_DRIVE_STATUS 017ECheck drive status
DD_ENCODE 0184Set copy protection encode routine
DD_EQUIPMENT 0181Ask what type of drive
DD_FORMAT 016CFormat a track
DD_INIT 015AInitialise the disk driver
DD_INTERFACE 0157Check for the disk drive interface
DD_L_DPB 018AInitialise DPB for a given format
DD_L_OFF_MOTOR 019CTurn off motor
DD_L_ON_MOTOR 0196Turn on motor
DD_L_READ 0190Low level uPD765A read command
DD_L_SEEK 018DSeek to required track
DD_L_T_OFF_MOTOR 0199Start motor off timeout
DD_L_WRITE 0193Low level uPD765A write command
DD_L_XDPB 0187Initialise XDPB for a given format
DD_LOGIN 0175Login a new disk
DD_READ_ID 016FRead a sector identifier
DD_READ_SECTOR 0163Read a sector
DD_SEL_FORMAT 0178Select a standard format
DD_SET_RETRY 0160Set try/retry count
DD_SETUP 015DSetup disk parameters
DD_TEST_UNSUITABLE 0172Check disk is suitable to write to
DD_WRITE_SECTOR 0166Write a sector
DOS_ABANDON 010CAbandon a file
DOS_BOOT 012ABoot from disk
DOS_CATALOG 011EGet the disk catalog
DOS_CLOSE 0109Close a file
DOS_DELETE 0124Delete a file
DOS_FLUSH 0142Write any pending data to this drive
DOS_FREE_SPACE 0121Get free space on drive
DOS_GET_1346 013CSet current cache/ramdisk location
DOS_GET_EOF 0139Get the end of file (EOF) position
DOS_GET_POSITION 0133Get the file pointer
DOS_INITIALISE 0100Initialise +3DOS
DOS_MAP_A 0154Map drive B to unit 0 or 1
DOS_OPEN 0106Open and/or Create a file
DOS_OPEN_DRIVE 014BOpen drive as a single file
DOS_READ 0112Read bytes from a file into memory
DOS_READ_BYTE 0118Read byte from a file, check for soft-EOF
DOS_REF_HEAD 010FPoint to header data for this file
DOS_REF_XDPB 0151Point at XDPB for this drive
DOS_RENAME 0127Get free space on drive
DOS_SET_1346 013FRebuild the sector cache and RAM disk
DOS_SET_ACCESS 0145Change access mode of an open file
DOS_SET_ATTRIBUTES 0148Set a files attributes
DOS_SET_DRIVE 012DSet the default drive
DOS_SET_MESSAGE 014EEnable/disable disk error messages
DOS_SET_POSITION 0136Set the file pointer
DOS_SET_USER 0130Set the default user
DOS_VERSION 0103Return DOS issue and version numbers
DOS_WRITE 0115Write bytes from memory into a file
DOS_WRITE_BYTE 011BWrite byte to a file
ONERR 5B3APaging subroutine
RAMRST 5B5DRST 8 instruction used by ROM 1 to report old errors to ROM 3
REGNUOY 5B2APaging subroutine
RST_0 0000Start the computer
RST_1 0008Report an error
RST_2 0010Print A to the output stream
RST_3 0018Collect character
RST_4 0020Collect Next character
RST_5 0028FP Calculator
RST_6 0030FP Calculator
RST_7 0038Maskable Interrupt Handler
STOO 5B10Paging subroutine. Entered with interrupts disabled and AF, BC on the stack.
SWAP 5B00Paging subroutine
YOUNGER 5B21Paging subroutine

Last modified January 23, 2022