Page 02

02002USERVUser Vector
02022BRKVBRK Vector
02042IRQ1VInterrupt request Vector 1
02062IRQ2VInterrupt request Vector 2
02082CLIVOSCLI Vector
021E2FSCVFile system control entry vector
02202EVNTVEvent interrupt vector
02222UPTVUser print routine vector
02242NETVUsed by ECONET to take control of computer
02262VDUVUnrecognised VDU23 & PLOT commands
02282KEYVFull keyboard access
022A2INSVInsert into buffer vector
022C2REMVRemove from buffer vector
022E2CNPVCount/purge buffer vector
02302IND1VSpare Vector
02322IND2VSpare Vector
02342IND3VSpare Vector
02362Start address of OS variables
02382Address of ROM pointer table
023A2Address of ROM information table
023C2Address of key translation table
023E2Start address of VDU variables
02401CFS timeout counter
02411Input source
02421Keyboard semaphore
02431Primary OSHWM
02441Current OSHWM
02451RS423 mode
02461Character definition explosion state
02471Cassette/ROM filing system switch
02481RAM copy of ULA control reg
02491RAM copy of ULA palette reg
024A1ROM number active at last BRK
024B1ROM number containing BASIC
024C1Current ADC channel
024D1Max ADC channel
024E1ADC conversion type
024F1RS423 user flag
02501RS423 control flag
02511Flashing colours counter
02521Mark period counter
02531Space period counter
02541Keyboard auto-repeat delay
02551Keyboard auto-repeat period
02561*EXEC file handle
02571*SPOOL file handle
02581ESCAPE/BREAK effect
02591ECONET keyboard disable
025A1Keyboard status
025B1RS423 handshake extent
025C1RS423 input supression flag
025D1RS423/cassette selection flag
025E1Econet OS call interception status
025F1Econet OSRDCH interception status
02601Econet OSWRCH interception status
02611Speech suppression status
02621Sount suppression status
02631BELL channel
02641BELL envelope number/volume
02651BELL frequency
02661BELL duration
02671Startup message & !BOOT options
02681Length of soft key string
02691No of lines printed since last page
026A1No of items in VDU queue
026B1TAB character value
026C1ESCAPE character value
026D1Character 0xC0 to 0xCF status
026E1Character 0xD0 to 0xDF status
026F1Character 0xE0 to 0xEF status
02701Character 0xF0 to 0xFF status
02711Function key status
02721SHIFT+Function key status
02731CTRL+Function key status
02741CTRL+SHIFT+Function key status
02751ESCAPE key status
02761ESCAPE key effect
02771IRQ bit mask for user 6522
02781IRQ bit mask for 6850
02791IRQ bit mask for system 6522
027A1Tube presence flag
027B1Speech processor presence flag
027C1Write character destination status
027D1Cursor editing status
02811Used by *FX1
02821RAM copy of serial processor ULA
02831Timer switch state
02841Soft key consistancy flag
02851Printer destination flag
02861Character ignored by printer
02873BREAK intercept code
028C1Current language ROM number
028D1Last BREAK type
028E1Available RAM
028F1Start up option flag
02901VDU vertical adjust, set by *TV
02911Interlace toggle flag, set by *TV
02925First copy of system clock values
02975Second copy of system clock values
029C5Countdown interval timer value
02A116Paged ROM type table
02B12INKEY countdown timer
02B33OSWORD 0x01 workspace
02B64Low bytes of most recent analogue converter values
02BA4High bytes of most recent analogue converter values
02BE1Analogue system flag
02BF10Event enable flags
02C91Soft key expansion pointer
02CA1First auto repeat count
02CB3Two key rollover processing workspace
02CE1Sound semaphore
02CF9Buffer busy flags
02D89Buffer start indices
02E19Buffer end indices
02EA2Block size of current resident block of open cassette input file
02EC1Block flag of current resident block of open cassette input file
02ED1Last character in currently resident block of open cassette input file
02EE18Used as area to build OSFILE control blocks for *LOAD & *SAVE