Generated file for zasm
; *************************************************************************** ; API for BBC Micro Programming Guide ; Notes about the machines, operating system & hardware ; Author: Peter Mount, Area51.dev & Contributors ; ; URL: https://area51.dev/bbc/bbcMos/ ; ; Modified: Fri, 27 May 2022 10:37:42 UTC ; ; Current version: https://area51.dev/bbc/bbcMos/reference/include/zasm/api.z80 ; *************************************************************************** OSBYTE equ &FFF4 ; Misc OS functions specified by accumulator OSCLI equ &FFF7 ; Pass string to the CLI OSEVEN equ &FFBF ; Generate an event OSRDCH equ &FFE0 ; Read character from current input stream OSRDRM equ &FFB9 ; Read byte from paged ROM OSWORD equ &FFF1 ; OS call specified by contents of A and parameter block OSWRCH equ &FFEE ; Write character to screen or output stream OSNEWL equ &FFE7 ; Write a newline OSASCI equ &FFE3 ; Write character, call OSNEWL if A=&0D