Page 03

03002X/Right coordinate of graphics window
03022Y/Bottom coordinate of graphics window
03042X/left coordinate of graphics window
03062Y/Top coordinate of graphics window
03081X/left of text window
03091Y/bottom of text window
030A1X/right of text window
030B1Y/top of text window
030C2X coordinate of graphics origin
030E2Y coordinate of graphics origin
03104Current graphics origin in external coordinates
03144Current graphics cursor in external coordinates
03181Text cursor X coordinate
03191Text cursor Y coordinate
031A1Line within current graphics char of graphics point
031B4Graphic workspace or start of VDU queue
031F5VDU queue
03244Current graphics cursor in internal coordinates
033C2Graphics cursor Y coordinate
033E2Graphics cursor X coordinate
034A2Text cursor address
034C2Text window width in bytes
034E1High byte of screen memory start address, Low is 0x00
034F1Bytes per character
03502Address of top-left of screen
03522No bytes per line
03541Screen memory length
03561Screen memory map type
03571Foreground text colour
03581Background text colour
03591Graphics foreground mask
035A1Graphics background mask
035B1Graphics foreground modifier
035C1Graphics background modifier
035D2General VDU jump vector
035F1Record of last setting of 6845 cursor start reg
03601No colours available
03611No of pixels per byte
03622left/right colour masks
03642Text input cursor coordinates
03661Teletext output cursor character
03671Font flag (RAM or ROM)
Bit 1 Characters 224-255
Bit 2 Characters 192-223
Bit 3 Characters 160-191
Bit 4 Characters 128-159
Bit 5 Characters 96-127
Bit 6 Characters 64-95
Bit 7 Characters 32-63
03687Font location bytes
036F16Palette mapping actual colour for each logical colour
038029Header block for BPUT file store
039D1Offset of next byte to be output into BPUT buffer
039E1Offset of next byte to be read from BGET buffer
03A711Filename of file being BGETed
03B231Block header of most recent block read
03B212Filename terminated by zero
03BE4Load address
03C24Exec address
03C62Block number address
03C82Block length
03CA1Block flag byte
03CB44 spare bytes
03D11Sequential block gap, *OPT3
03D211Filename of file being searched for
03DD2Number of next block expected for BGET
03DF1Copy of block flag of last block read
03E032Runtime keyboard buffer