Test & Set/Reset Memory Bits against Accumulator

TRB - Test & Reset memory against Accumulator

TRB logically AND's the complement of the accumulator with the data at an address and stores the result in that address.

This has the effect of clearing each memory bit which is set in the accumulator, leaving the other bits unchanged.

The z flag is set based on a different operation. It's set if the memory location once set logically AND the accumulator (not it's compliment) is zero.

For 8-bit processors or when m=1, the values in the accumulator & memory are 8-bit.

For 16-bit processors, when m=0, the values in the accumulator & memory are 16-bit.

TSB - Test & Set memory against Accumulator

TSB is identical to TRB except it sets the bits defined in the Accumulator not reset them.

Flags Affected
zSet if logical AND of memory & accumulator is zero, otherwise clear
SyntaxOpcode Available on: # of # of Addressing Mode
(hex) 6502 65C02 65816 bytes cycles
TRB addr1C x x 3 61 Absolute
TRB dp14 x x 2 51, 2 Direct Page
TSB addr0C x x 3 61 Absolute
TSB dp04 x x 2 51, 2 Direct Page


  1. 65816: Add 2 cycles if m=0 (16-bit memory/accumulator)
  2. 65816: Add 1 cycle if low byte of Direct Page register is not 0

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