Select a standard format
Function AddressDescription
DD_SEL_FORMAT 0178Select a standard format


Initialise an XDPB for a standard format. This routine does not affect or consider the freeze flag.

Entry Parameters

Register Content
A Disk type:
0 = Spectrum +3 (Amstrad PCW DD, SS, ST)
1 = Amstrad CPC range system format
2 = Amstrad CPC range data-only format
3 = Amstrad PCW range DD, SS, DT
Any other value returns an error
IX Address of XDPB

Exit Parameters

If OK:
Carry true
A = Disk type
DE = Size of 2 bit allocation vector
HL = Size of hash table
Carry false
A = Error code
DE HL corrupt
BC IX corrupt, all other registers preserved.
Last modified November 24, 2021: Low level operations (11836cf)