Generated file for zasm
; *************************************************************************** ; Headers for Sinclair ZX Spectrum OS ; Notes about the Sinclair ZX Spectrum operating system & memory ; Author: Peter Mount, Area51.dev & Contributors ; ; URL: https://area51.dev/sinclair/spectrum/ ; ; Modified: Sun, 23 Jan 2022 17:05:58 UTC ; ; Current version: https://area51.dev/sinclair/spectrum/reference/include/zasm/headers.z80 ; *************************************************************************** ; Tokens used to store BASIC programs in memory BAS_CODE equ &AF ; CODE BAS_CLEAR equ &FD ; CLEAR statement BAS_LOAD equ &EF ; LOAD statement BAS_PRINT equ &F5 ; PRINT statement BAS_RANDOMIZE equ &F9 ; RANDOMIZE statement BAS_USR equ &C0 ; USR function ; The display attributes specifying colour information DISPLAYATTR equ &5800 ; The display attributes holding colour information ; The display pixel format DISPLAYFILE equ &4000 ; The start of the standard Spectrum's standard screen ; System variables OLDHL equ &5B52 ; Temp store while switching roms OLDBC equ &5B54 ; Temp store while switching roms OLDAF equ &5B56 ; Temp store while switching roms TARGET equ &5B58 ; Subroutine address in ROM 3 RETADDR equ &5B5A ; Return address in ROM1 BANKM equ &5B5C ; Copy last byte output to Port 7FFD RAMERR equ &5B5E ; Error passed from ROM 1 to 3 via RAMRST. Also used by SAVE/LOAD as temp drive store BAUD equ &5B5F ; RS232 bit period in T states/26. Set by FORMAT LINE SERFL equ &5B61 ; Second-character-received flag & data COL equ &5B63 ; Current column from 1 to width WIDTH equ &5B64 ; Paper column width TVPARS equ &5B65 ; Number of inline parameters expected by RS232 FLAGS3 equ &5B66 ; Various Flags BANK678 equ &5B67 ; Copy of last byte output to port 1FFD XLOC equ &5B68 ; Hold X location when using the unexpanded COPY command YLOC equ &5B69 ; Hold Y location when using the unexpanded COPY command OLDSP equ &5B6A ; Old SP (stack pointer) when TSTACK is in use. SYNRET equ &5B6C ; Return address for ONERR LASTTV equ &5B6E ; Last value printed by calculator RCLINE equ &5B73 ; Current line being renumbered RCSTART equ &5B75 ; Starting line number for renumbering RCSTEP equ &5B77 ; Incremental value for renumbering LODDRV equ &5B79 ; Drive for LOAD VERIFY or MERGE SAVDRV equ &5B7A ; Drive for SAVE DUMPLF equ &5B7B ; Holds the number of 1/216ths user for line feeds in 'COPY EXP'. If a dump cannot fit A4 set to 8 to reduce size of dump. STRIP1 equ &5B7C ; Stripe 1 bitmap STRIP2 equ &5B84 ; Strip2 2 bitmap. Extends to 5B8B TSTACK equ &5BFF ; Temp stack (Grows DOWN from here). Used when Page 7 is switched in at top of memory while editing or using +3DOS. It can grow down to STRIP1 safely giving 115 bytes KSTATE equ &5C00 ; Used for reading keyboard LASTK equ &5C08 ; Stores newly pressed key REPDEL equ &5C09 ; Time in 1/50s before key repeats REPPER equ &5C0A ; Delay in 1/50s between key repeats KDATA equ &5C0D ; Stores 2nd byte of colour controls entered from keyboard TVDATA equ &5C0E ; Stores bytes of colour, AT and TAB controls going to TV STRMS equ &5C10 ; Addresses of channels attached to streams CHARS equ &5C36 ; 256 less than address of character set starting with space and up to (C). RASP equ &5C38 ; Length of warning buzz PIP equ &5C39 ; Length of keyboard click ERRNR equ &5C3A ; 1 less than report code. Starts at 255 for -1 FLAGS equ &5C3B ; Various flags for BASIC TVFLAG equ &5C3C ; Flags associated with the TV ERRSP equ &5C3D ; Address of item on machine stack to be used as error return LISTSP equ &5C3F ; Address of return address from automatic listing MODE equ &5C41 ; Specifies K, L, C, E or G cursor NEWPPC equ &5C42 ; Line to be jumped to NSPPC equ &5C44 ; Statement number in line to be jumped to. Poking first NEWPPC then NSPPC forces a jump to a specific statement in a line. PPC equ &5C45 ; Line number of statement currently being executed SUBPPC equ &5C47 ; Number within line of statement currently being executed BORDCR equ &5C48 ; Border colour multiplied by 8; also contains attributes normally used for lower half of the screen EPPC equ &5C49 ; Number of current line (with program cursor) VARS equ &5C4B ; Address of variables DEST equ &5C4D ; Address of variable in assignment CHANS equ &5C4F ; Address of channel data CHURCHL equ &5C51 ; Address of information currently being used for IO PROG equ &5C53 ; Address of BASIC program NXTLIN equ &5C55 ; Address of next line in program DATADD equ &5C57 ; Address of terminator of last DATA item ELINE equ &5C59 ; Address of command being typed in KCUR equ &5C5B ; Address of cursor CHADD equ &5C5D ; Address of next character after the argument of PEEK or the NEWLINE at the end of a POKE statement. XPTR equ &5C5F ; Address of character after the [] marker WORKSP equ &5C61 ; Address of temporary workspace STKBOT equ &5C63 ; Address of bottom of calculator stack STKEND equ &5C65 ; Address of start of space space BREG equ &5C67 ; Calculators B register MEM equ &5C68 ; Address of area used for calculators memory, usually MEMBOT FLAGS2 equ &5C6A ; More flags DFSZ equ &5C6B ; Number of lines (including one blank) in lower part of the screen STOP equ &5C6C ; Number of the top program line in automatic listings OLDPPC equ &5C6E ; Line number to which CONTINUE jumps OSPPC equ &5C70 ; Number within line of statement to which CONTINUE jumps FLAGX equ &5C71 ; Various flags STRLEN equ &5C72 ; Length of string type destination in assignment TADDR equ &5C74 ; Address of next item in syntax table SEED equ &5C76 ; The seed for the RNG. Variable set using RANDOMIZE FRAMES equ &5C78 ; 3 byte (least significant first) frame counter incremented every 20ms UDG equ &5C7B ; Address of first user defined graphic COORDX equ &5C7D ; X coordinate of last point plotted COORDY equ &5C7E ; Y coordinate of last point plotted PPOSN equ &5C7F ; 33 column number of printer position PRCC equ &5C80 ; Full address of next position for LPRINT. Only used for ZX printer, not in 128K mode. ECHOE equ &5C82 ; 33 column number & 24 line number of end of input buffer DFCC equ &5C84 ; Address in display file of PRINT position DFCCL equ &5C86 ; Like DFCC but for lower part of screen SPOSN equ &5C88 ; 33 col & 24 line number for PRINT position SPOSNL equ &5C8A ; Like SPOSN but for lower part of screen SCRCT equ &5C8C ; Counts scrolls, always 1 more than number of scrolls to perform before scroll. ATTRP equ &5C8D ; Permanent current colours MASKP equ &5C8E ; Used for transparent colour. Any bit that is 1 shows bit taken from screen and not ATTRP ATTRT equ &5C8F ; Like ATTRP but for temporary colours MASKT equ &5C90 ; Like MASKP but for temporary colours PFLAG equ &5C91 ; More flags MEMBOT equ &5C92 ; Calculators memory area used to store numbers not convenient to store on the calculator stack NMIADD equ &5CB0 ; Address of users NMI routine. Older machines NMI didn't work well so was marked as UNUSED so can cause issues on +3 if user code uses this RAMTOP equ &5CB2 ; Address of last byte of BASIC system area PRAMT equ &5CB4 ; Address of last byte of physical RAM SYSVAREND equ &5CB6 ; Start of Channel information, usually value in (CHANS) RESERVED_MMAP equ &5CC0 ; Marked reserved in 48k memory map BASE_AVAIL_MEM equ &5CCB ; Base of available memory